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AC Transit is vital to our communities for work, life and leisure but it must change to the new needs of the 21st century. The pandemic has changed us but it has also brought unprecedented federal funding through “Build Back Better” that will help to transform AC Transit into a better system that our communities deserve.

I’ve spoken with many of you as former Alameda Councilmember, Alameda HealthCare District Board, and through numerous community organizations hearing your concerns and hopes. Safety, Transparency and Trust has been a common hope so I’m committed to these ideals and will bring your voices to the policies for AC Transit.

AC Transit must be modernized with technological innovations, which will bring efficiency, reliability and safety so that our communities can trust the system. I will move our AC Transit board to collaborate with our cities and communities to bring these changes. Tapping into the federal funding opportunities will make this happen and will bring more new jobs in the system and our local economy for better quality of life.

I would like to continue giving back to our community by bringing my passion and work ethic to the AC Transit Board, where I hope to find effective and lasting solutions to the issues that are affecting our community. I seek your vote and trust in making this happen.

Please support my efforts and join Alameda County Tax Assessor, Phong La, in electing me to the AC Transit District Board.