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Please make checks payable to:
‘Stewart Chen for AC Transit Director 2022’

We are required by law to collect information about donors. Please download this form, fill it out, and mail along with your check to:

Stewart Chen for AC Transit Director 2022
PO Box 9980
San Jose CA 95157
Attn: Jordan Eldridge, Treasurer
FPPC ID# 1450997

*The CA. Political Reform Act (Prop. 34) places limits on contributions to candidates for state office and imposes certain prohibitions. This request does not seek a contribution in excess of applicable limits or from prohibited sources. An individual, union, PAC, and other entities may contribute a maximum of $4,900 to each election, Primary and General. A registered Small Contributor Committee may contribute a maximum of $9,700 per election. Contributions are not deductible for tax purposes.

Election law requires us to publicly report cumulative contributions of $100 or more. We may not accept contributions from individual donors without their name, street address, and occupation and employer information.

In making this contribution, the contributor affirms that he/she is a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien.

There are exceptions for some types of political parties and committees.