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Measure F

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Question from Ken Dorrace…

Before I can give you my support, can you give me your position on the following topics? 1 Where do you stand on increasing the sales tax to support an inflated city budget? 2. How do you feel that the council has paid thousands to two past city managers for their mistakes?

I am a No on Measure F

Ron Goode Toyota was one of our larger sales tax revenue source, if not the largest sales tax contributor. After the dealership left, our sales tax revenue has been hovering at around 9 ½ million dollars, and this figure represents about 10% of our annual budget. I strongly believe in increasing our sales tax revenue, but not in taxing our residents and visitors. Measure F will do just that and I am not supporting it.

The City Council is the policy making body of the city. Council members cannot and should not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the city or micro mage the City Manager.