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Measure K

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Question from Jason Biggs…

I’m very surprised and disappointed to learn that you are a “yes” on Measure K. Would you mind explaining why?

I am a Yes on Measure K

First of all, I am not supported nor endorsed by the tenant or landlord groups. I am running an independent campaign and this is how I see measure K. It took countless stakeholders’ meetings and years of collaboration to create our unique “Rent Stabilization Ordinance” that affords protection to our tenants. I, along with the majority of Alameda, truly believe that our rent stabilization ordinance balances interests of both the tenants and landlords and is a fair compromise; the majority of our voters overwhelmingly supported Measure L1. Leaving the decision in the hands of five council members to change City Ordinance 3148 at will is a risky decision. I agree with Mayor Spencer in supporting the charter amendment.