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A Better Alameda for Tomorrow!

  • Improve & Safeguard Streets
  • Affordable & Sufficient Housing
  • Decrease Traffic & Parking Congestion
  • Preserve the Quality of Life for All Alamedans

Achievements as your city councilmember

  • Oversaw the transfer of the Alameda NAS to  the City of Alameda at ZERO costs to the city!
  • Enacted the master planning and zoning  amendments of Alameda Point!
  • Championed resolution to reserve 500 MORE acres of open space at Site A in Alameda Point!
  • Attained a AA+ credit rating and produced a $1 million surplus at the end of that year!
  • Re-negotiated public employee pension contributions and maintaining labor peace!

Serving the Community

  • Alameda City Council (2012-2014)
  • Alameda Healthcare District Board – Vice President
  • Alameda Co. Human Relations Commission – 2nd Vice Chair
  • Alameda Social Service and Human Relations Board
  • Alameda Together Against Hate (ATAH) – former Co-Chair
  • Family calling Alameda home since 1989